#POSKCinema #10 Main Programme (in English, no subtitles)

Mr Jones

This new film by Oscar-nominated Polish director Agnieszka Holland tells the story of a Welsh journalist Gareth Jones as he breaks the news of the famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s.

20/02/2020, 7.30pm - SOLD OUT

27/02/2020, 7.30pm - ON SALE

#POSKCinema #11 Main Programme (with English subtitles)

08/03/2020, 6pm The Art of Loving

International Women's Day Screening

It's 1978. Michalina Wislocka, the most famous sexologist of communist Poland, fights for the right to publish her book, which will change the life of Polish people forever.  

“This energetic, uninhibited woman in a headscarf has become synonymous with freedom” – Rzeczpospolita

#POSKCinema #12 Doc Programme (with English subtitles)

28/03/2020, 3pm Our Little Poland

An award-winning documentary follows the life of a group of Japanese students learning Polish language & culture, but also facing a bittersweet clash of expectation and reality of being an adult.

Part of the 18th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival

#POSKCinema #13 Main Programme (with English subtitles)

29/03/2020, 6pm The Coldest Game

During the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, a troubled math genius (played by Bill Pullman) finds himself drafted to play in a U.S.-Soviet chess match - and a deadly game of Cold War espionage.

"Brilliant ... a Hitchcock-esque story in 1960s Warsaw" - Filmweb

Part of the 18th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival 

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